Care of Clothes

Every day is a test for youngsters’ clothes. From the moment they step out the door, they put every garment through the most rigorous punishment and still expect to look smart, right down to the moment they get back home.

Schoolwear from School Uniforms Direct has proven year after year that every garment is up to the job, delivering durability, style and value…and our promise is your guarantee that every garment will go on doing just that.

Guidelines to Pilling

The school uniform has many social advantages and has become an important part of a growing child’s wardrobe. Our garments are made and expected to withstand rigorous treatment. We are using the best yarns available for a competitive price and we are always striving to give customers value for money. However, the yarns that are used, have to be cared for correctly so that our garments continue to give outstanding performance.

Most school uniforms are worn eight hours a day forty weeks of the year. The garments are occasionally not used just for wearing but as goal posts, in games of tug of war and general playground and leisure time activities.

It is a recognised fact that knitted garments are prone to pilling, some more that others. The main reason is friction or rubbing against another object. This does not necessarily mean the garment is faulty. Pilling can be caused by any of the following: –

  • External friction i.e. movement against another fabric or object;
  • Heat generated by the individual when the garment is worn;
  • Washing the garment at the incorrect temperature and/or with other fabrics that will rub against the garment;
  • Tumble drying the garment at a high temperature will cause the heat to draw out the fibre.

Some garments appear to have “fluffed up” after a short period of wear and this is due to loose fibres in the yarn coming to the surface. The yarn in these cases is slightly hairier than usual and if the garment is washed as soon as surface fibre appears, after a period of wear and washing, the garment will become smooth again. This is similar to a carpet when first laid, the loose fibres come to the surface and are vacuumed away. If the fibres do not wash away, a pilling machine can be used to remove excess fibres to enhance the look of the garment. Once the fibre is removed the garment is unlikely to pill again.

Thank You

It is easy for a business to forget the little courtesies of life. At School Uniforms Direct we never forget that it is you, the customer, who keeps us going, and we would like to thank you for your business by giving the best we can do with every garment you buy.

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