If you’ve come to this page, you’re probably about to shop or pay for something online and want to make sure that the site that your using is processing your card details responsibly.

Sage Pay makes shopping online safe so if the business you’re paying uses Sage Pay, you can be sure that your card data is secure.

What is Sage Pay?

Sage Pay is, the fastest growing independent payment service provider (PSP) and is a division of business software company Sage, one of the UK and Ireland’s most trusted business brands. We process over 4 billion secure payments each year, for over 30,000+ UK and Irish businesses of all sizes. They all rely on Sage Pay to keep their money moving and help them to tackle online card fraud, insuring that the payment process is safe and easy for you — their customer.

Making it safe to shop online

By using Sage Pay, School Uniforms Direct is ensuring that your card details are not compromised. Sage Pay encrypts every transaction to the highest global standards. The secure systems are scanned and audited regularly by one of the world’s leading Qualified Security Assessors (QSA) so that you can be confident about using them to make a secure payment online.

Sage Pay also automatically provides all of it customers with fraud prevention tools — what that means for you is that if your card has been compromised somewhere else, School Uniforms Direct is using technology that will help to prevent your details from being illegally used on this site.

For more details visit the security pages of Sage Pay’s Irish website

Please note:

We will not take payment for any item until it has been processed and is ready for dispatch. We will however take an Authorisation. This will show on your bank statement as a deducted pending transaction where the funds are reserved & allocated to your order. This pending transaction will not be finalised until we have completed your order for delivery.

Prior to finalising an order we have the option to finalise the total sum or a reduced sum but under no circumstances can we deduct an increased amount.
All authorised pending transactions go through security checks prior to being finalised. Each order is checked to ensure it is not fraudulent or duplicated. If your order fails to pass the security check we will contact you.

In the event of School Uniforms Direct not being able to fulfil your order or if you wish to cancel your order we will immediately request that your bank cancels the authorisation. If the authorisation still remains after several days, please contact your bank to request that they act upon our cancellation of the payment.

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